About Us
Col. Kelli R. McMurtrey also graduated from Worldwide
College of Auctioneering in June of 2012 along side of her
fiancé, Ray M. Connot. She will be working in the office,
clerking, assisting with booking auctions and helping with
advertising, and may also auctioneer on occasion. Kelli feels
very fortunate to have been able to work with Ray's family,
some of the best people in the business to learn from.
Col Ray M. Connot
Col. Kelli R. McMurtrey
Business Manager
Connot Auction Company is a family owned, locally based business that is dedicated to providing a professional
yet personal service to our customers. We can do all types of auctions, including:
household, farm machinery, estate, antique and benefit auctions. We will help with all aspects of your auction and strive to provide
good communication and understanding of the process to our customers from set up to settlement and all the steps in between. Kelli
and Ray along with a team of friends and family will work hard to make your auction a success
Col. Ray M. Connot followed in the footsteps of several of his
brothers and graduated in June 2012 from Worldwide College
of Auctioneering in Mason City, IA. Since that time, he has
gained valuable experience by helping his brother, Dennis
Connot of
Connot Brother's Auction Service and other
auctions.  Ray was born and raised in Nebraska and has lived
in the Neligh area since 1989. He will work hard to keep the
auction moving for both buyer and seller.
Olivia Anderson
Dennis & Diane
Jim Connot
Jon                        Daniel
Anderson               Connot